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I’m Still That Girl…

The girl I was is so much a part of the woman I now fully embrace – still playful, energetic, and full of the sense of “cart-wheeling” fun.

At a very early time in my Italian family when women “stayed home to do the things they were born to do” I didn’t get to be the singer I longed to be. But as the woman I am now, I have great appreciation for that detour. I have had the privilege of learning and discovering so many other creative and inspiring things that have given me much more awareness of who I am and all of which I am capable. I can’t be more grateful for the twists and turns of my journey.

I have always been an explorer — not like Columbus or Magellan, but more personal expeditions for self-awareness, self-fulfillment and joy.

I am the youngest of eight children in a very musical, very dynamic Italian-Irish family. Both my mother and father were singers, and from the time I was a young girl I was encouraged to be a singer as well. I felt certain this was what I was meant to do. I had no reason to believe I wouldn’t be successful as a singer. It’s what I loved. It’s all I ever did.

But life steps in with it’s own ideas. When I was 17 until I was about 32 years old. I lost my ability to sing.

But I am an optimist, and I’m always open to finding greater possibilities in myself. So I spent those years exploring other forms of art that I hoped would make my heart sing. I studied weaving, knitting and spinning, sewing, embroidery, and doll making. I mastered pottery, French cooking, painting, woodworking, woodturning and toy making. I learned horticulture, landscaping and flower arranging, to name a few.

And though I never found the one thing to replace my singing, along the way I discovered many things that sparked and awakened my inner fire and creativity. And I shared all of these with my children, my family and my friends.

I have always been captivated by the creation of art that is organic, self-sustaining and utilitarian. These humble yet graceful arts on which the world has survived for generation after generation can still contribute so much passion and purpose.

These are peaceful, creative and often income producing pursuits, which ignite our inner fires and enlighten our connectedness to the earth and one another. I love this…

I am beguiled by the idea of taking the fleece of a sheep and spinning the cleaned, combed strands into fibers that are dyed with natural elements from the landscape. The wool becomes vibrant, colorful yarn for knitting a warm and embracing sweater or scarf, or crafting into a blanket or rug. It ultimately becomes a functional piece of living art. I find this fascinating….

A fallen tree that no longer provides shade can emerge as a vessel, bowl or plate or perhaps a chair, table or door. It’s a wonderful artistic transformation of something organically provided and inspired, and then skillfully crafted and executed. The piece becomes a useful object in someone’s home where love and life is celebrated simply and quietly in the everyday.

I took a trip to Charleston, where I met a wonderfully talented grandmother who wove beautifully crafted, traditional-grass baskets that she learned to make from her grandmother. In doing such a simple, yet breathtakingly meaningful artistic endeavor, she was able to finance her grandchildren’s college educations. I was transfixed and inspired.

I took an Etiquette course in London. I knew it would push me to greater personal insight and growth and show me more possibilities for my talents, gifts and blessings. I participated in public speaking course in Phoenix to strengthen my courage and help me find answers to inner questions, answers about life, and perhaps answers to my prayers. Because I believe everything does this….everything teaches something more.

I raised three wonderful children. They teach me so much about myself every day. Not only do their explorations into friendships, education, careers, and personal growth enliven them; it awakens me too. I encouraged them to try new and varied things because one never knows which or how many of these endeavors will stir or kindle a new passion or life direction.

Life is exciting. Art and music enliven me. Relationships inspire me. My children motivate me. My family, friends and even my pets invigorate me.


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